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Please use this page to join SPT or to renew your membership. If you have more questions about becoming a member of The Society for Pastoral Theology or questions about an existing membership, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our apologies, our payment system is temporarily unavailable. Please check back in a little while to join at any of the paid levels.

Membership Benefits

In addition to being part of the premiere professional organization devoted to enrching the discipline of pastoral theology, you will be entitled to our members-only services including:

  • Member-only registration fee for our annual meeting;
  • Reduced rates and special programming for student members;
  • Exclusive access to the Journal of Pastoral Theology;
  • Exclusive access to our bi-annual newsletter;
  • Exclusive access to our member directory;
  • Exclusive access to job and position postings;
  • Connection to publishing opportunities in journals related pastoral theology;
  • Networking and professional development with premier pastoral theologians and practitioners; and
  • Opportunities for sharing your research with ongoing-conversation partners in a variety of study groups.

Membership Categories


$100 / year

Scholars/Practitioners actively engaged in scholarly research, teaching, or practice in institutions or other organizations


$50 / year

Graduate students engaged in scholarly research in pastoral theology or other similar fields


$50 / year

Scholars/Practitioners with emeritus or retired status



International Scholars or Practitioners actively engaged in scholarly research, teaching, or practice outside the United States or Canada.

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