Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a member of SPT?
Memebers are persons who have paid membership dues for the current calendar year (Janurary-December).

What types of SPT memberships are available to me?
There are five classifications of Membership. The classifications are:

  • Regular: Scholars or Practitioners who are actively engaged in scholarly research, teaching, or practice in institutions or other organizations.
  • Graduate Student: Master’s and Doctoral students enrolled in graduate programs at accredited institutions of higher education who are attending school full or part-time and engaged in scholarly research, teaching and or practice.
  • Retired: Scholars or Practitioners with emeritus or retired status actively engaged in research, teaching or practice.
  • Fixed: persons actively engaged in research, teaching or practice with limited income.
  • International: Scholars or Practitioners outside of the United States actively engaged in scholarly research, teaching, or practice. (Note: Canadians are not considered international).

How do I join SPT?
Persons meeting the criteria for one of our membership categories can join by clicking here If you are a former member of SPT wishing to rejoin the Society, please click here.

When does my membership expire?
Membership is for a full calendar year, beginning January 1 through December 31. Check your membership status by using your username and password to access the member’s only area.

How do I renew my membership next year?
A membership renewal email will be sent to you approximately two months prior to your membership expiration date. You can renew your membership online via the Membership Signup and Renewal form, using American Express, Visa, Discover or MasterCard.

I cannot afford to renew my membership right now. What will happen to my membership?
You will become an inactive member of SPT and will no longer receive the member benefits and publications. Memberships can be reactivated at any time online by clicking here.

How do I access the member’s only area?
Enter your user name and password by clicking on the login button at the top right of the SPT home page. After you login, you should see member’s only features under the ”Membership Portal” menu on the home page.

What should I do if I can’t log into the members-only pages?
Make sure you are using the correct username and password. If you are unsure, you can select either “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” on the login screen.

How do I update my profile/contact information?
You may update your contact information online at societyforpastoraltheology.org. Once you are logged in to the SPT website, click on “Membership Account” on the left side of the Membership Portal page then select  “Profile” for updating your information. For additional help, contact Member Services at info@societyforpastoraltheology.org

How do I obtain access to the Journal of Pastoral Theology?

After we process your membership, you will receive a login voucher from Taylor and Francis to access the journal.

Why am I not receiving SPT emails?
Only current members receive email. If you like to be added to our list, please click here to join or renew your membership. If you have a current membership, please click here, to email membership services. We will respond after we have completed our investigation.