Annual Meeting

We are excited to announce that from June 4-7, 2024 we’ll meet, in person, at New Brunswick Theological Seminary (New Brunswick, New Jersey) around the theme: Intersectional Care in a Divided World: Courage, Resistance, and Hope. For more information, please refer to our Spring newsletter.

Intersectional Care in a Divided World: Courage, Resistance, and Hope

We are witnesses to a perilous and precarious world. Wealth discrepancies, post-pandemic loss and malaise, socio-political injustices, polarized communities, and the desire to control human bodies are among the societal forces fueling the turmoil. A looming climate crisis intensifies the world’s predicament. Too many persons experience loneliness, anxiety, fear, trauma, and despair as they long for societal justice, belonging, and flourishing. Pastoral theologians, whether scholars, teachers, faith leaders, chaplains, counselors, spiritual care practitioners, activists, and other transformational agents, have taught us to understand reality through intersectional analysis and employ wisdom to move toward wholeness in an unjust world. They empower persons and communities to grow in resistance and resilience, in purpose and hope.

The 2024 Society for Pastoral Theology Annual Meeting aims at quickening the Society’s recognized history of exposing, challenging, and resisting the powers that render us vulnerable and disempowered. Courageous conversations, just care, and community-building across differences are required. We can be(come) a compassionate, caring people.

Join us in this charge. Register today!

Details of the meeting, including speakers, workshops, a full schedule, and more are available in the Spring newsletter.


Please reach out to our Steering Committee!

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