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Special Edition on COVID-19 Pandemic and the Global Protest for Racial Justice


Vol. 30, Issue 3

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The Journal of Pastoral Theology was established in 1990 by the Society for Pastoral Theology.

The mission of the Journal of Pastoral Theology is to:

  • Further the understanding of pastoral theology as a theological discipline and to clarify the nature of the discipline;
  • Maintain a view of pastoral theology as a constructive theology growing out of the exercise of caring relationships, with attention both to present lived experience and to knowledge derived from the past;
  • Provide an intentional forum, for the voices of diverse persons, women and men, of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Foster multi-cultural understandings of issues in the discipline;
  • Promote and encourage mulch-discipline/multi-cultural research in the filed of pastoral theology;
  • Provide resources for those who teach and those who study, through recording current research and assessing the relevant literature; and
  • Provide for the construction of sound theological principles for guidance and critique of pastoral practice; and to work creatively, synthesizing and constructing, to define the frontiers and parameters of the discipline.
Journal of Pastoral Theology
Dr. K. Samuel Lee

Dr. K. Samuel Lee

Claremont School of Theology | Co-editor

Dr. Danjuma Gibson

Dr. Danjuma Gibson

Calvin Theological Seminary | Co-editor